About Us

Stone Bird & Green bring together the art and science of interactive marketing, media management, ad-serving and programmatic ad-buying / ad-selling and  combine on-line media and cutting edge technology to provide best-of-breed on-line solutions.

The team behind Stone Bird & Green have been planning and buying on-line media since the beginning of the internet advertising revolution in Asia in the mid 1990’s.

We specialise in developing and implementing results-driven business, marketing, product development and sales strategies to help our clients and partners to maximise their business potential, effectiveness, and profitability.  We are are pragmatic, hands-on digital publishers who bring an implementation perspective to all our work.

Specialities: Publisher management, Real Time Bidding (RTB), Programmatic buying team management, Internet advertising, Demand Side Platform (DSP) management, Data Management Platform (DMP) management, Interactive media marketing, Electronic direct marketing, Ad-serving technology, Display ads, Video ads, Cross platform adserving, Trouble-shooting, Analytics, APAC start-ups.